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How do I enable my account to view my standings in the leaderboard rankings?


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    In order for swim data to appear on a leaderboard, the following conditions must be met:

    1. Your swim data is publicly visible to other users
    2. Private profile settings are NOT enabled
    3. Your swim data has not been manually entered (it must be recorded by a device to be eligible)
    4. You have enabled leaderboards in your account settings
    5. The swim cannot have any flagged intervals. A red flagging bar will appear at the top of the swim details page on the app for any swims that have lengths or intervals with "impossible" times.
    6. For facility and club specific leaderboards, your swim must be assigned to the pool (facility) or you have joined the club of the leaderboard you are viewing.

    Editing Swim Data  to the lengths, intervals, or timing elements of an uploaded workout may disqualify a swim from being included on global, club, or pool leaderboard. This policy is in place to prevent potentially fraudulent results from landing on a leaderboard. This edit tool is provided so that you can keep your swims correctly recorded for your own personal use..


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