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Persistent glitch: smart watch app keeps freezing, losing workouts



  • Official comment
    John Anthony

    Hey folks - apologies for the late reply. We released version 2.1 which fixed these issues. Please let us know if you continue to see any freezing or upload issues once you update.

  • Frank Morosky

    They are aware of the problem. I have had the same issue for a couple months. Seems like ever since the update with the ECG. I have same occurence, locks up and I lose the data. Seems to lock up around 1000 yards. I have communicated with them and have done resets and updates and it has not changed. They have not responded to me lately. The last thing was they were trying to get the Apple watch to step you thru a workout. When that is successful they will introduce to the Samsung Active 2.

  • Joshua Walton

    Yeah, 1000 yards sounds about right, it doesn't seem to happen at lower distances. I thought they got the step function going on Apple watch? I saw an article saying how to use it, I thought...

  • Dr Stefan Reis

    I have similar issues with freezing in mid-swipe when ending a workout, resulting in losing the workout - Galaxy Active 2. Compared to the Gearfit 2 Pro I had until last week (and traded in as it was no longer supported by the new version), the app seems to be glitchy as hell on the Active 2.

  • Dan Collins

    Same problem here.  It started on my Galaxy Active 2 so I bought a Galaxy 3 and it happens on there as well.  Has to be a bug in the watch application.

  • Richard Frock

    Just ran into this issue on my first 1000 yard swim with my galaxy watch 4. I assume this is still a problem? Any way to fix it?


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