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Android sync app doesn't see any workouts from Pebble

Hello, I have a problem with your Android app. After I've done my workouts, I open android app, but it says that there is no unsynced workouts. When I exit the workout mode with left button on my Pebble and see total workout stats, sync app said that there is no app on Pebble at all! So, what is exact workflow for syncing?

Yaroslav Isakov

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Hi Yaroslav-
Please upgrade to the newest version of the Android Companion App for Pebble if you have not already done so. As of Nov. 18 this version is 1.0.5. If you are not using the interval/rest function when you swim, and are doing your workout on one long interval, please push the center button when you are done working out, then the left button to get the "workout complete" confirmation. Not ending your first (or only) interval will cause the Pebble to not associate a distance with the workout and will corrupt the data.

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