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Pebble Distance Advance

I'm having trouble getting my pebble to consistently advance distance. Sometimes, I will swim a length or two of the pool and the distance will not advance at all.

I'm a beginner swimmer and I can't do the somersault like motion to change direction in the pool like the professionals do on TV.

Is there a specific motion that I can do at the end of my length to guarantee that the length will advance or any advice on how a beginner with limited ability can make the watch advance?

Cliff H

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Hi Cliff-
The Pebble interprets the glide of the flip-turn as the signal that you've swum a length. We definitely understand that not everyone does a flip turn when they are swimming. Instead of a flip-turn, when you reach the wall, simply turn around and push off the wall with your feet and glide for a bit with your arm extended before resuming your stroke. You can do this underwater or above. This should resolve your issue. If it does not, please contact us at

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