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I cannot get my swim data synced from my Apple Watch app to my activity feed on my iPhone



  • Molly Myers

    I have been on the phone most of the day trying to get the Fitness App on iWatch and iPhone to sync Data with After calls to Support for both.. UNABLE TO FIX.  Apple says it is issue. says it is a Apple issue.. O RESULTS.. THIS IS VERY SAD..

  • Julie Juarez

    Hi Molly! We're still working on identifying the cause of why swims recorded with Apple's Native swim tracking application won't sync to your feed! The information above is regarding what to do when swims recorded with the app for Apple Watch are not syncing, not the Apple native application.  Swims recorded with the native application are shared via privacy permissions controlled by the Apple Health app on the iPhone. These permissions are located in the Apple Health app at Settings (profile icon) > Privacy > Apps> Under usual circumstances, enabling read permissions are what will allow for data to move from your Apple Fitness app (recorded by the native application on the Apple Watch) to your app, while the write permissions are what allow swims on your feed to be shared to Apple Fitness. 


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