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Samsung Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Active Watch - FAQ & Instructions



  • Denis Soares Franco

    I can't connect my Gear Fit2 Pro. App doesn't install on band.

  • Bennett Katz

    On my Gear Fit2 Pro, the app depletes the battery during a swim since it measures my pulse.  Can I turn off this feature?  Otherwise, I can't get an accurate distance count - the battery dies!  Thanks.

  • Anita Byrne

    I can't get my Galaxy active to connect to the app, I have tried and tried but times out and says unable to connect!
    I have to enter my swims manually onto the app.
    Plus when swimming it depletes my battery life.
    Any help would be much appreciated

  • Marco

    What about open water swim tracking?

  • Bennett Katz

    All of your instructions are great, but until I can shut off the heart rate which automatically comes on when I try to use your app on my Gear Fit2 Pro, I can use your app.  My battery is depleted before I finish my 1-hour workout.  I've brought this to your attention before, but you've never fixed this issue.  Others experience the same thing and brought it to Samsung's and's attention.


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