Using Drill Mode During a Swim

By Tom Provencher -

How do I start a drill mode for kickboard drills?

After you start your workout, if you don't immediately start swimming with one of the four standard strokes (free, fly, breast, back), you will be in rest mode. You will also be in rest mode anytime you stop to rest at the wall between any lengths completed with those standard strokes. Rest mode is identified by the red text on the screen that says "resting" as opposed to the green "swimming". While in rest mode, force touch the screen to expose the drill/pace/end workout menu.


If this is your first time using drill mode, a short prompt will explain how to use the feature. To set your drill mode distance, touch the blue "Start Drill Mode" button and then use the digital crown button to set the desired distance. When you are ready to start the drill, simultaneously press the digital crown and side buttons and it will take you back to your workout screen. If you are not ready to use drill mode, force touch to exit the mode.

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