Creating a Custom Workout

By Tom Provencher -

Currently, custom workouts can be created by using the mobile version of on your mobile phone.

Step 1:

Open on your mobile phone

Step 2:

Select "Workouts" from the list of options at the bottom of the screen

Step 3:

Click on the "+" symbol in the upper right corner of the Workouts screen

Step 4:

Enter a title for your custom workout and set on/off sliders for private and auto pace

** The custom workout build process begins with the "warm up" portion of your workout. There are several templates to choose from all of which can be customized. For example, the first option for me is "Warm Up 1:1". If I select this, I am shown distance and rest duration for the warmup sets within this template. **

Step 5:

There is an option to "Customize this Set" or "Select this Set". Clicking on "Select this Set" begins the process for customizing your warmup set. Clicking on "Customize this Set" brings you to a new screen where you can modify the warmup title (to save it for future use), warmup sets, stroke type(s), distances, and rest durations. The template sets can be deleted by swiping the interval to the left. Intervals can be added to your warm up by clicking on the "Add Intervals" option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6:

When you are done customizing your warmup sets, click on the check mark (✓) located at the upper right of the screen. This will save your changes.

Step 7:

If you are ready to move on to customizing your main set, click on "Select this Set". You will then see a list of templates to select to start building your "Main Set 1". Follow the same process as you did for creating your custom warmup set (adding intervals, deleting intervals, changing distance, duration, stroke type, etc.).

Step 8:

Click on the check mark (✓) located at the upper right of the screen when you are done making changes. This will save your main set.

Step 9:

Add more main sets by clicking on "+ Add another main set" and creating the intervals within this set.

Step 10:

If you do not wish to add more main sets, move on to the customization step of your cool down set. Follow the same process as above. When you are through with you changes, click on the check mark (✓) located at the upper right of the screen.

Step 11:

If you would like to modify any of the intervals within the warmup, main sets, or cool down components of your workout, click on "Edit" located to the right of each components title. This will open this part of your custom workout and allow you to make changes. When are done making changes, click on the check mark (✓) located at the upper right of the screen. You will exit the customization screens and see the overview of the workout you just created.

Step 12:

You can then click on "Swim this Workout" and use it in the pool for your next workout. Clicking on the 3 small dots located at the upper right of the screen will allow you to choose 1 of 3 options for the workout - "Unfavorite", "Workout Settings" which allows full edit to the workout, or "Delete Workout".

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