How to Sync with Android devices using Wear OS

By Tom Provencher -

If you want to sync app to WearOS device, please follow these steps:
  1. Install Wear OS app on the handheld (phone).
  2. Turn on Wear OS wearable device (watch). If your watch has already paired with another phone, go to Settings and select Unpair with the phone.
  3. Follow the guidelines in Wear OS app to pair the watch with the phone.
  4. During the progress of pairing, sync your Google account on phone to watch.
  5. After pairing successfully, wait for Google Play Store app to be installed on your watch.
  6. Install app on your phone.
  7. Open Play Store app on your watch, scroll down until you will see a list of apps on your phone that can be sync to your watch.
  8. Select app, tap Install button
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