Solved: Location Settings Cannot Be Corrected

By Julie J. -

Recently, some users have had their account location set to Independence, Kansas with the inability to change this setting. This issue arose because, behind the scenes, we changed API keys and hit a limit on our Google Maps quota.  The result of this was an automatic defaulting of all new accounts and some existing accounts of many locations to Independence, Kansas, which Google Maps considers to be the geographical center of the United States.

The good news is that this problem has now been fixed, and there are two ways to go about correcting your location if you have been affected. You can remedy it either via web browser or through the mobile app. On a web browser, sign into your account and visit Position your mouse cursor over the location until the blue edit button appears. Use the editing button to change and save your new location. On the mobile app, go to the settings button in the bottom right corner and navigate to account. Touch your current location and then, in the blue box at the top of the screen, enter your new location and select it from the search options that appear below.

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