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By Julie J. - recently became compatible with a third smartwatch platform, Samsung's Tizen!  Currently, is only available for the Samsung Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro, but more Samsung devices could follow in the future.

To get on your Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, you'll need to download the app for your watch from the Galaxy Gear app as well as the app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store onto your mobile device. Once both apps have been loaded to your devices, you'll want to pair your watch app to your mobile device.

To start, open the app on your mobile device (for the purposes of this instructional, we are using an Android device) and touch the add device icon in the upper right corner.

From there, select Samsung as your device type.  The pairing code will be found on your watch.

To locate the pairing code, open the app on your Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and navigate to the account settings. Opening this will give you a unique pairing code that you will then want to enter on the app on your mobile device.



When pairing is complete, you will want to adjust your settings before swimming.

Course length is set directly on the watch app. First, select the numerical length (ex: 25 yards for a standard short course pool). Then select units to choose between yards and meters.

You also have the ability to set a distance goal if desired. Setting a distance goal allows for the watch to alert you when you have completed the desired distance swam.


Once you have your settings completed, you can begin swimming by hitting the Swim button.

Once you hit swim, thetimer will begin and you can begin your first length if you are swimming free, breast, fly, or back. You do not need to lock the screen or turn on any sort of water lock as this will happen automatically for you. After you start swimming, you will need to manually disable the water lock to access any features during your swim.  This is done by pressing the lower of the two physical buttons (also the home or power button) on the right side of the watch for 2 seconds until the lock has been confirmed as disabled.

There are a few features available to use while swimming. The first two you will encounter are pace and drill mode. These are accessed by swiping from left to right on the screen after disabling the water lock.

For Drill mode, swipe left or right until you see the Drill mode option and then tap the Edit Distance button to choose the distance you expect to swim for that drill.

2.2_Init_Drill_Mode.png      2.2.1_Drill_Dist.png

Pace mode allows you to set a countdown timer that will vibrate at the end of the timer to alert you if you are on pace or not. Drill mode allows for you to swim lengths using a non-traditional stroke or kickboard set. Both features work similarly in that you can adjust the timer/distance setting by touching the blue edit button and then using the on-screen buttons to adjust. Press the top side button to begin the timer or drill mode. When you are done using the feature, you will need to manually disable the water lock and then press the back button (top button on the side of the watch) to go back to the drill menu. Swipe from right to left to go back to regular swimming mode.  After completing this last step, either the timer will disappear or the drill total will be added to your overall total.

Continuing to swipe from right to left will reveal additional features, including previous interval stats (time, distance, strokes per length, SWOLF score, and pace per 100y/m) and overall swim stats (stroke per length, SWOLF score, and pace per 100y/m), and heart rate.

Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_1.49.37_PM.png                Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_1.51.48_PM.png

When you are done with your workout, you will want to end the swim by swiping past your swim stats screen until you reach the end swim menu. From there, press the top side button to end the swim and you will be provided with a swim summary. You can then safely exit the app.

Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_1.53.15_PM.png         Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_1.54.00_PM.png


If your Samsung watch is connected to WiFi, the file should transfer directly from the watch to's servers without any sort of prompt and become available to view on either the mobile app or once you end the swim.  If the watch is not connected to WiFi, the watch will utilize the Bluetooth connection (slower transfer speed) to the mobile device to transfer the file to the mobile app, where it will then be sent to our servers. If the file is not appearing in your account within 30 minutes of completing the swim, sometimes you can force this transfer by going into the history on your watch app's menu and selecting the workout to view. Please also ensure you have the the Samsung Gear app open and running in the background on your phone when trying to transfer. If you still have additional issues with transfer or have any other questions, please email!



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