PEBBLE (ALL MODELS): Auto-Interval Detection (Premature Rest Mode & Inaccurate Breaststroke)

By Julie J. - for Pebble v2.2 operates in the default Auto Interval Detection (AI) mode.  AI aims to eliminate the need for manually ending and starting intervals when you are swimming by pressing buttons to do so - with AI you should only have to press two buttons - start (top button) and end (press and hold middle button).

There are two bugs affecting version 2.2: 1) a sensitivity issue in which the workout is going into rest mode when it should not and 2) inaccuracy with breaststroke laps.  There is a way to override AI and use as it was used in previous versions, which is the manual entering of intervals.  The bugs do not affect manual interval entering.

To manually enter intervals, you will want to start a workout by pressing and holding the middle button.  When you rest at the wall, press the bottom button to end the interval. When you are ready to swim again, press and hold the top button.  Ending your workout is the same as in AI, pressing and holding the middle button.

We have stopped all development on the Pebble app as of December 2016, due to Fitbit's buyout of Pebble and immediate cease in production of the devices. We do have an unreleased beta version of the Pebble app, version 2.25 which helps correct these bugs. This beta was never publicly released, however, if you are interested in obtaining this version please send an email to

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