Changing Course Length for Pebble Via Mobile

By Julie J. -

Whether it's your first time swimming with the Pebble or you are swimming in a pool with a different course, you'll need to set the course length using the mobile app prior to starting your workout as workouts cannot retroactively be converted to a different length or unit of measurement after you have completed them.

To change your course, please follow the instructions below:

1) Make sure your Pebble and mobile device are connected via Bluetooth

2) Open the app on both your Pebble and mobile device

3) On the mobile device app, select the settings cog in the upper left corner of the screen

4) Scroll down and select devices

5) Select whichever Pebble device you have.

6) On the next screen, you should see a 25y icon at the bottom, select that.

7) Adjust to the pool size and unit you need. Slide left or right to select the correct numerical measurement of the course you are about to swim in. Toggle between yards and meters as necessary.

8) Hit next and then done in you are prompted to do so. If not, just hit the back button on the app (located in upper left corner) to return to your feed screen. You are now ready to swim!.

9) You should see an immediate change on your Pebble to the new pool size.


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