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Before using on your Android watch, please confirm with your watch manufacturer that the device's water resistance rating allows for safe use for swimming without voiding your limited warranty. While it is possible to have the app on some Android smart watches without adequate water resistance, your watch may not be intended or designed to be used while swimming and doing so could harm your device or void your manufacturer's warranty should the device encounter problems. If your watch is water resistant rated for swimming, make sure to close up any port holes, including the micro USB charging port, with the covers before getting in the water. Tread safely!

To install on your Android watch, you will need to first download the app to your paired Android mobile device. Once it is installed on your mobile device, please leave your watch powered on (charging if possible) and connected/paired to your mobile device to allow for companion watch app to appear as an available app on your watch. Due to the size of the app and the speed of Bluetooth, it can take up to 4 hours for the app to appear on your watch. If it does not appear, you will want to open the WearOS app on your Android phone, navigate to Advanced options and select to re-sync apps.


Start Screen

You can tap anywhere on the screen to open the app


Facility/Pool Selection Screen

1. Swipe up or down in the non-white area to scroll through a list of facilities associated with your account.

2. To select a facility, you MUST tap in the white area to select that pool card. Tapping above the white card will not select the facility.


Confirmation Screen

1. Course length and unit are located at the top of the screen

2. White card with your selected pool is located at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tapping on the white card will confirm all selected information and start the swim

4. Swiping to the left on the top of the screen (not the white card) will take you to the editing screen so that you can change your course length, unit, or facility.

Set Course Length

1. Swipe up or down to choose your desired course length

2. Swipe right to return to the confirmation screen

3. Swipe left to go to the course unit screen

Set Course Unit

1. Swipe up or down to choose between yards and meters

2. Swipe right to return to the course length screen

3. Swipe left to go to a screen where you can change to your desired facility (pool) if it is incorrect.

Select Facility (Pool) Screen

1. Touch the checkmark button to return to the facility (pool) selection stage of the application

2. Touching the “x” button will take you back to the confirmation screen


After confirmation, the app will check to make sure you are in theater mode before starting the swim. If you enter theater mode correctly, you'll see a message that says "To turn screen back on, press side button". You can then start swimming. The screen will go black for a few moments before entering ambient mode.

TIP: Don’t press the button twice too quickly, as it will not register. Make sure to do two slower, deliberate presses on the side button.


Swimming Mode

This application takes advantage of new auto-interval algorithms, so you do not have to manually start/pause intervals. Simply swim and the watch will take care of the rest.

The swimming icon at the bottom of the screen indicates the watch is currently in swim mode, while the pause icon at the bottom of the screen indicates the watch is currently in rest mode.

**Please note that it takes about 5 seconds for the screen to update from swim to rest mode and update the distance swum, so don’t worry if right when you touch the wall the watch does not show you are resting yet. The algorithms take this into account.


Ambient Mode Underwater

When the watch is submerged underwater, the screen will automatically lock. When locked, the screen will switch to a low energy ambient mode to save battery life as well as make it easier to see swimming/resting information. This screen is dimmer, and only displays in black and white. Whenever you stop on the wall and want to open the app for more stats, remember to press the side button to wake the watch, then tap on the screen to open the app.


Manual Intervals

Although the algorithms will automatically identify intervals for you, you also have the option to manually start and pause the swim.

To manually pause a workout:

1. Press the side button to wake up the watch

2. Swipe to the left

3. Touch the pause button

To manually start swimming:

1. Press the side button to wake up the watch

2. Swipe to the left

3. Touch the swim button

View Last Interval & Full Workout Stats

1. Press the side button to wake up the watch

2. Touch the screen

3. Swipe to the left twice, this will get you to the last interval stats

4. Swipe left again to full workout stats


Ending A Workout

1. Press the side button to wake up the watch

2. Swipe to the left 4 times (past the last interval and workout stats screens)

3. Touch the end workout button


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