Which Android watches are supported by Swim.com?

By Julie J. -

The list of officially supported Swim.com devices is located here: https://www.swim.com/swim-watches. It is possible to have the Swim.com app on some Android smart watches that do not have an adequate water resistance rating, and so you will need to identify if your watch IS or IS NOT intended or designed to be used while swimming as doing so without adequate water resistance could cause harm to yourself or the device and also void your manufacturer's limited warranty. We do not recommend swimming with devices other than those on the list at https://www.swim.com/swim-watches

If you wish, you can refer to your device manufacturer for information regarding your specific device and if you can safely use it for swimming without harm or voiding your limited warranty. If your watch is water resistant rated for swimming, make sure to close up any port holes, including the micro USB charging port, with the covers before getting in the water. Tread safely!

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