How to add multiple pools to your account

By Julie J. -

If you swim at a facility other than your home facility, you can add multiple facilities to your account.

To do so, follow the instructions below:

1) Prior to swimming in your new facility, ensure your swim tracking device is set to the correct course length for the new facility before starting your workout. If you swim a workout on the incorrect distance (example: swimming in a 25m pool but your watch is set to 25y) you cannot retroactively convert it.  You will use your mobile app to change the distance, if needed.

2) Swim! After you complete your workout, upload it like normal using the mobile app.

3) Once the workout is visible on, navigate to the workout's designated URL, where you can view your stats, graphs, and intervals.

4) On your workout page, locate the settings menu (gear icon) under the "Enter Workout" button

5) Click the gear icon to expose a drop down arrow and select "Edit Properties"

6) The "Edit Workout Properties" window will now appear. Use the Facility drop down and select "Discover Facilities".

7) Locate your facility using the search function and click on the blue map pinpoint to change it to green so that the pop up menu stays.  Then click on the title of the facility in the pop up window.

8) Click the "I Swim Here" button.

9) After clicking "I Swim Here", you'll receive a pop-up message that says "Changing your home facility will automatically associate all future workouts with this facility. Previously uploaded workouts will remain associated with the facility they were swum at."  

10) Click "Continue". This is necessary so that the facility is added to your drop down of choices. You can always go back and set your home facility to what it previously was by clicking the "I Swim Here" on that facility's page.

11) Return to the page of the workout that needs to be associated with the new facility and click on the drop down arrow just above and to the right of the where the length of the course is designated in green font.  Your new facility should be in that drop down menu, where you can select it to associate it with this workout.

12) If necessary, navigate to your old home facility, and select "I Swim Here" to reset it as your home facility.




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