Editing Workouts Uploaded With a Device

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While swim tracking devices are fairly accurate in recording your workouts, occasionally there can be errors with the data. These errors include over/undercounted laps, unrecognized stroke type, and others. 

The good news is that Swim.com now allows you to edit workouts uploaded with any compatible swim tracking device!

This editing tool is available both on the web browser version of Swim.com and on our mobile app. Please note, any workouts uploaded from a device or manually entered on Swim.com will not count towards a club or pool leaderboard in order to prevent fraudulent results. This edit tool is being provided so that you can keep your workouts correctly recorded for your own personal use.

Desktop Tool

To begin editing a workout, navigate to the workout's analysis page and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the "stats" tab on the graphical information. At the bottom of that table there is a blue "Edit Workout" button.


Editing Functionality 

1) Hovering your mouse over an interval will reveal a drag icon. Click and drag to reposition interval.

2) Click on the +/- to add or remove distance from an interval. This will either add a length with averages from that interval to the bottom or remove the bottom most length from the interval.*

3) Split, clone, or delete an interval.** 

4) Combine, split, or delete a length.***

5) Stroke type can be edited by hovering your mouse over the current stroke type and clicking on the dropdown indicator.

6) Stroke count can be edited by hovering your mouse over the current stroke count and clicking on the pencil icon.

7) Add an interval. Here you can add drill sets or other unmeasured intervals and drag them into the appropriate place within your workout. Average stroke count from your workout is automatically filled in and can be edited.

*If you accidentally subtract a length from an interval and add it back in before saving your edits, the original time associated with the length that was subtracted and then restored will not reappear. In order to restore the original time, cancel your editing session using the cancel button at the bottom.

**When splitting an interval, you will need to slide the bar to determine the number of lengths given to each interval (see screenshot below). Cloning an interval will make a copy of this interval directly below.

 ***This feature splits the time but adds on an extra length in order to compensate for the error. Use the slider to assign the correct time to each length.

Note that for for each individual function in edit mode, the change can be canceled by clicking anywhere outside of the editing area. For example, if you are splitting an interval, you can click anywhere that is outside of the slider bar and save button and it will cancel the split interval function and not make the changes.

There is only a confirmation to save/cancel changes when the user is trying to fully exit Edit Mode.


Mobile App Tool

To open the mobile app editing tool. Touch the workout that you want to edit.


From there, touch either the distance or duration card to expose the stats.

Next, touch the edit button to open the tool.

From here, you can select intervals to expand them into individual lengths. Depending on the type of edit that you need to make, you can choose from the five tools at the bottom of the page.


You can activate or deactivate these five tools by touching their icons. When the tool is active, it will be highlighted. We recommend making small changes and saving them after you make them, but you are able to do a complete edit of everything before you click the save button.

Tool Overview

Stroke Type
Each stroke type is represented by a different color

To change the stroke type for an entire interval, make sure all intervals are collapsed (no individual lengths are showing) and select the Edit Stroke Type tool.  Select the appropriately colored box for the entire interval to set the stroke type.

To change the stroke type for an individual length, expand the interval before selecting the Edit Stroke Type tool. Assign the appropriate stroke type to the length. You can also edit lengths in other intervals as well without de-selecting the Edit Stroke Type tool.

Split Length/Interval
To split an interval, start will all intervals collapsed before selecting the Split Tool.
Once you have selected the Split Tool, touch the interval you want to split.

To split a length, expand the interval you want to edit before selecting the Split Tool.

Merge Length/Interval
To merge intervals, start with all intervals collapsed before selecting the Combine Interval tool.

To merge lengths, make sure all edit tools are deselected and then expand the interval with the lengths you want to combine.  Then select the Merge Lengths Tool.

Add Length/Interval
To add an interval, start will all intervals collapsed before selecting the Add Interval Tool.

To add a length, start by deselecting all edit tools. Expand the interval in which you want to add a length, then select the Add Length Tool.

Time Editor
Use this tool to change the duration of lengths and intervals.





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