Why am I having trouble syncing/uploading my Pebble workouts to Swim.com?

By Julie J. -

When the Pebble will not send new workouts to your mobile device, this is usually caused by an unstable Bluetooth connection between your devices.  

For assistance in getting your workouts to upload, please refer to the steps on how to cycle your Bluetooth connection in this video:


* If, before beginning a swim workout, you are prompted by your Pebble to use Swim.com instead of Misfit for activity tracking, you must select yes for your swim to be recorded by the device.  The Pebble cannot send accelerometer data to both the Swim.com and Misfit apps at the same time. 

** As of the iOS 9 update, the Pebble iOS app must be open concurrently with the Swim.com app for the workouts to be transferred from the Pebble to your mobile device.

***Some Android devices can take up to 60 minutes for a workout to become available for transfer.


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