PEBBLE (ALL MODELS): App Freezing/Stopping/Quitting Unexpectedly

By Julie J. -

If your for Pebble app stops working when it should not, there could be two causes:

1) The Pebble app will stop advancing distance if the accelerometer is not detecting a pull stroke within about 60 seconds. This means that if you're resting for a period of time or doing a kick board drill without putting the Pebble into rest mode, the accelerometer is not detecting any data and the app will stop working.

Please make sure that anytime you stop swimming or are not doing a conventional pull stroke, you push the bottom button to put the Pebble in rest mode. This will also end the current interval. When you are ready to begin swimming again, just start swimming if you want auto-interval detection (AI) on. If you want AI off, please push and hold the top button to begin a new interval.

2) Your software is not up to date.  Please update the following to the most recent versions:
-Pebble firmware through the Pebble mobile app for Pebble app (this should happen when you update your Pebble firmware). The most recent version is 2.2.
-iOS or Android software for Pebble mobile app through either Google Play or the App Store.


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  • Avatar
    Alan Down

    Any news on when the fix will be release?

  • Avatar
    Julie J.

    Hi Alan-
    As of November 19, v.1.0.5 is the most recent version for Android and v.1.2 for iOS.

  • Avatar
    Gustavo Sampaio

    Pebble App, v. 1.1 and still facing this issue. It's frustrating since my swim classes usually have a lot of kick board drills. Any news?

  • Avatar
    Julie J.

    Hi Gustavo-
    Kickboard drills algorithms have not yet been deployed. We are still working on them. We'll be sure to mention when it is ready and deployed.

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