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For instructions on how to upload your Pebble workouts to, please refer to this help article.


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    The Pebble does a pretty good job of counting laps and keeping split times accurately, but when the data is loaded to the website, it has added a few hundred yards 4 out of 4 times I've used it, and twice added intervals that never happened.

    So at the moment, the pebble is a useful tool for counting laps, but useless for keeping stats or tracking progress on the website.

    I think the pebble app has great potential if the folks at can work out the bugs with uploading the data.

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    Julie J.

    Hi Gary!
    Thanks for your feedback! We're going to add a feature to the website in which you can edit workouts you've uploaded from a device. Unfortunately there is not a concrete date of when this will be implemented. In the meantime, we suggest you use the notes feature to record anything you need to remember for future editing.

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    Uploading is much better now !!!

    The latest update to the Android ap has fixed all of the uploading issues I was seeing. The last 4 uploads have worked perfectly. Great job on the quick bug fix! I love not having to count laps and being able to get all my split times.

    Thanks for your hard work,

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