What is Swim.com?

By Julie J. -

Swim.com is a social fitness web platform dedicated to the swimming community that aims to bring a motivating social aspect back into individualized training and fitness.  Swim.com is compatible with many of today’s top fitness and swimming wearable activity tracking devices, allowing swimmers to keep their workout data in one place and have access to detailed analytics utilized to help improve performance.  Swim.com also helps swimmers connect with other swimmers, coaches, and facilities across the globe. Some of the core features of Swim.com include workout tracking, social networking, pool and club leaderboards, achievements, and search capability.


IMPROVE: Swim.com allows you to utilize all the functionality of your swim watch, recording your distance, times and efficiency, and using them to track your progress over time.

COMPETE: Compete with your friends and other local swimmers. Rise to the top by swimming workouts, improving and uploading and get rewarded by the hard work you put in.

CONNECT: Connect with your friends and other local swimmers on Swim.com to motivate each other, compete and show off your swim training achievements.

DISCOVER: Whether you’re looking for a place to swim, a club to join, or to start your own club with your friends, Swim.com has the tools you need to find the pools and clubs you’re looking for.

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