What is required to sign up?

By Julie J. -

In order to sign up for Swim.com, you'll need to provide us with your first and last name, e-mail address, password of your choice, birthday, and gender. You will also be asked to opt-in or opt-out of updates. You may change any of this information at a later time through your account settings.  


You can also sign up for Swim.com through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, which will automatically link Swim.com with the account of your choice. If you use this method, you may revoke Swim.com's access to your social networking site at anytime after you sign up, however, that must be done through that particular social network's settings menu.

If you use Facebook to sign up, Swim.com will receive your Facebook profile, friend list, email address, birthday, interests, personal description, and likes. The app will not have the ability to make Facebook posts on your behalf. 


If you use Twitter to sign up, Swim.com (via AmazonINT) will be able to read Tweets from your timeline and see who you follow. Swim.com will not be able to follow new people, update your profile, post Tweets for you, access your direct messages, or see your Twitter password.


Google Account instructions coming soon!

After initial sign up, you'll be asked to provide a few more details including location (which automatically generates time zone), home facility, swimmer type, and units. These details will make uploading your workouts easier.


Be sure to click "save" to complete your Swim.com sign up.

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