Workout Breakdown

By Julie J. -

Using a device to track your swim workout will give you the ability to see your activity broken down into several different aspects and allow you to see where you've excelled and what you need to work on improving.

To begin, click on any of your logged workouts from list or calendar mode.

Once you've selected your workout, the top-left part of your screen will detail the following: the date of the workout, type of device used, and a short summary of distance, pace, total time, active swim time, and rest time.  You can toggle between the stroke types to show how much of your workout was done in a specific stroke.  

On the top, right part of your screen you will see social media sharing and settings buttons, the facility and course used during the workout, and any achievements and comments related to your workout.


The bottom part of the page will allow for a more detailed evaluation of your workout.  You can toggle between time, pace, distance, SWOLF, stroke count, and stats. Each tab will provide a graph that scales each measurement by interval.  Also, each color represents a different stroke. If you desire, you can toggle "Display stroke type" on or off.  Mousing over a bar or line graph will give you specific data for that interval.  On the right hand side of the graph, you can toggle between showing or hiding all of your intervals. Below are example tabs for time and distance results.



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