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By Julie J. -

Swimovate PoolMate Devices (Pro, HR, Live)

Swimovate recently created MyPoolmate (2016), allowing Swimovate users to upload workouts from any computer via the internet instead of from just one machine that had the Swimovate software installed on it.

Sending your workouts to Swim.com from a Swimovate device is now even easier because of this switch!

If you are just taking your Swimovate watch out of the box, you'll need to begin by following any setup instructions that came with your Swimovate device before proceeding. Swimovate will also ask you to download the MyPoolmateLink software and sign up for a MyPoolmate login at https://mypoolmate.com/logon/?from_url=/

Instructions for how to downlaod the software, setup and navigate MyPoolmate are located at https://mypoolmate.com/help/

1. Once you have finished the device setup, or if you have already had your Poolmate setup, you will want to sign into your MyPoolmate Account.

2. Navigate to your Profile, located under the Account header.

2. Scroll to the bottom of your Profile page. At the very bottom there will be a place for you to enter your Swim.com credentials.
**Note: If you use a Facebook or Google login to access Swim.com, you will need to create an email and password login on your account at swim.com/settings. If you need help doing this, please contact support@swim.com

3. Now anytime you upload a workout to MyPoolmate, it will automatically appear in your Swim.com account.


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