Finis Swimsense File Uploads

By Julie J. -

Finis Swimsense

Begin by following the hardware and software installation instructions that came with your Finis Swimsense.  Ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Streamline Bridge software installed before you begin uploading to  If you do not have the Streamline Bridge software, you may download it here

1. Using your web browser, log in to your account on and then go to your Streamline dashboard at  

2. Click settings.



3. Select your timezone (then save), metric or imperial units, and enter your username and password.  If you check the box that says "Export workout automatically when uploaded", your workouts will be automatically uploaded to every time you sync your Swimsense device with Streamline Bridge, removing the need to manually upload through each time. Save your settings by clicking "Link".


4. Make sure your Swimsense is secured in the dock and that the dock is plugged in via USB.

5. Run the Finis Streamline Bridge Software. Click on the picture of your Swimsense device. Login if necessary.

6. Select the workout(s) you would like to upload to Finis Streamline and and click the yellow upload button.

7. Your workout should now successfully be in your workout log!


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