Garmin Device File Uploads

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Garmin Connect

To set up the API that automatically draws data from Garmin Connect to, you'll need to have a Garmin Connect account

1. On your web browser, open

2. Choose the Garmin Connect method by clicking on the blue "connect" button.

3. A new window will pop up instructing you to put in your Garmin Connect credentials.


4. Once you've put in your credentials, and agreed to the terms, you will get confirmation that you're connected. Within moments of a successful upload from your device to Garmin Connect, the file should also appear on*

*We have had some users experience delays of up to 72 hours for workouts to appear on after uploading to Garmin. Typically this happens after linking a Garmin Connect and account for the first time. This is due to the load placed on Garmin servers and is unfortunately out of our control.  If a week goes by and your workouts are still not appearing, please email us at  Once your first workout from Garmin populates on, all subsequent workouts uploaded should appear almost instantaneously on both sites.

**NOTE** Upon linking your Garmin Connect and accounts, Garmin will send only the last 30 days of workouts that were previously recorded on your Garmin Connect account to your workout log.



A Garmin Connect link with can also be achieved in our mobile app. Touch the device menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. On the device type drop down, select Garmin. Select the connect button and you will be directed to the portal in which you will input your Garmin Connect credentials and agree to data sharing terms.




Upload .fit Files

To upload a .fit file from your computer, go to

There is a drag-and-drop option on this page or you can click the drag-and-drop box to open a browse menu. Please note this tool only accepts .fit files that are in the Garmin proprietary format. It will not accept .fit files from Suunto, TomTom, or other devices.


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