Pool & Club Leaderboards

By Julie J. -


Each facility and club on Swim.com will have two leaderboards, one for distance and one for fastest time (pace). Once you associate a completed workout with a pool or club, your performance is automatically ranked against other swimmers. The top-three positions on the leaderboard are awarded trophies. Your workout is automatically compared against the default Distance Leaderboard as well as any existing Fastest Leaderboards.  

The club distance leaderboard, pictured below, simply ranks swimmers based on the total distance swum at the pool across all workouts.  Every user that swims with a supported device and uploads a workout will automatically be ranked.


The club fastest (pace) leaderboard, pictured below, is a ranking of the fastest times over a given distance at a given pool.  Entries are ranked from fastest to slowest based on any interval of continuous swimming that is equal to or greater than the distance specified.

In the example below, the swimmer in orange text (you) does not have the fastest 50-yard time on a 25-yard course.  However, if you were to toggle the distance, you might have a faster 100-yard time on that same course than the other swimmer(s). 


 Similarly, each pool also has a distance and fastest (pace) leaderboard.





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