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By Julie J. - is social at its core because swimming is more fun with friends!  With our platform, you're able to connect with your teammates, training companions, coaches, and even friendly competitors to make your workouts more fun and engaging.

Whether you're looking to improve your fitness or working towards winning your next gold medal, makes it easy to see where you are and where you want to be. Establishing a connection with someone on allows you to see each others' logged workouts, compete against one another, and also support, encourage, and push each other to reach the next level.  

You always have the option to disconnect from a connection you previously connected to without the person receiving any type of notification about the change. 




  • Accept / Decline - You have an option to either accept or decline a connection request. If you accept, your new connection will receive a notification. If you decline, the request will simply go away without the other person being notified. 
  • Connected / Disconnect -  Once you are connected it will state so in your connections history. When you move your mouse cursor over the blue  "connected" link, it will change to an orange "Disconnect" link giving you the option to disconnect from this member. 
  • Mutual Connections - Highlighted in green shows the number of connections you have in common.
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