Preferences & Settings Overview

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Below is a screenshot detailing the preferences and settings you are able to control. These include biographical information, account settings, notifications, and privacy. Scroll down below the screenshot for more detailed information on each of these preferences and settings


Profile Photo

A profile photo allows your friends to easily identify you on the site and helps to personalize your profile. Your profile photo can in jpeg, png or gif format.

Profile Address

Your profile address is your own unique URL that you can use to quickly access your dashboard or share your public profile with others through the web. You can customize your profile address using 4 to 32 characters. You may use letters, numbers, dashes and underscores.

First Name

Enter your first or given name.

Last Name

Enter your last name, surname, or family name.

Birth date

Enter your birth date. This information will not be visible on your public profile, only your age, which is calculated from your birth date, will be publicly visible.


Select your gender.

Swimmer Type

Select the type of swimmer you are, fitness, triathlete, or competitive.

Email Address

This is the email address you used to sign up for It may be changed at any time. This is also the email address that will be used for password recovery and correspondence from


Enter a new password. You can change your password at any time.  Passwords may be any combination of numbers, letters, or special characters such as ($, %, #, !).

Home Facility

Select the swimming facility you use most frequently.


Select the type of distance measurement you use most frequently while swimming laps.


Enter your home city or location. This will enable you to locate facilities and connect with other swimmers in your area quickly.

Time Zone

This is the time zone for you home city or location.

Date Format

Choose your preferred date format.

Daily Workout Digest

Enable or disable your daily workout digest email.

Connection Requests

Enable, disable, or choose how you'd like to be notified of new connection requests.

Comments & Likes

Enable or disable notifications for likes and comments on your activity.

Leaderboard Changes

Enable, disable, or choose how you'd like to be notified of leaderboard changes.

Updates & Tips

Enable or disable updates and tip emails.

Profile Visibility

Choose between making your profile‘s visibility public, available to connections only, or private.


Enable or disable the visibility of your workouts on each facility’s leaderboard.


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