WEB/APP: Leaderboards not updating

By Julie J. -


Swim.com was experiencing an issue in which the leaderboard totals were not updating for some users. 

The cause was a bug that occurred in an app update sometime in early/mid-November 2017. When this bug started affecting users depends on what date they updated the app around this time frame. In this mobile app update, we added a few more account privacy settings options and a bug inadvertently defaulted these settings to "off" for all existing users when it should not have.

In order to correct this issue if you are still experiencing it, we are recommending that all users navigate to their privacy settings in the mobile app or on a desktop browser and toggle leaderboard settings to "on", if desired. Adjusting these settings should allow any swims that you complete in the future or have completed to populate on the leaderboards.

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