WEB/APP: Leaderboards not updating

By Julie J. -

Swim.com is currently experiencing an issue in which the leaderboard totals are not updating for some users. 

We recently discovered the cause, which was a bug that occurred in an app update sometime in early/mid-November. When this bug started affecting users depends on what date they updated the app around this time frame. In this mobile app update, we added a few more account privacy settings options and a bug inadvertently defaulted these settings to "off" for all existing users when it should not have.


In order to correct this issue, we are recommending that all users navigate to these settings in the mobile app and toggle them to "on", if desired. After that, please go into the web browser version of Swim.com and check that the settings are correct there as well, as we also discovered that in some cases the settings were not co-relating between the two platforms.  Adjusting these settings now should get any swims that you complete in the future correctly populating on the leaderboards again. Please be advised that any swims completed during the period when the settings were incorrectly toggled off will not populate onto leaderboards quite yet. In order for that to happen, we need to make some changes to the logic that controls what data reaches the leaderboards. When we are able to complete these changes, your missing swims should populate on the leaderboards.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to get this right!

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