Progress Tab (iOS/Android)

By Julie J. -

The progress tab, which is the leftmost option at the bottom of your screen, is where you can view you swim data. The layout allows for you to view your data either via graph or list.


In the graphical display, you can toggle the filter, located near the upper right corner, to show data by days, weeks, months, or years. The distance number in the top left will correlate to how much you have swam in that day, week, month, or year.

Another option is to sort your data by course. You can filter out results based on what course length you swam at.

The cards, which appear in the middle of the screen, will give you your total yardage, total duration, and average pace for all of your swims that have been logged.


To view all of your swims in a list format, simply keep scrolling down, or you can hit "View All" to isolate just a list view of all of your swims.



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