APPLE WATCH: App crashing during workout

By Julie J. -

We have had some users report that the Apple Watch app is crashing.

To fix this issue, please uninstall from your phone (which will also uninstall it from your watch).

Here are instructions on how to delete an iOS app:

After uninstalling the app, please update your iOS and watchOS software if possible. After performing any updates to watchOS or iOS, or even if you didn't have to, restart both your watch and phone and then reinstall from the App Store on to your iOS device.

If you continue to experience the watch app crashing after performing those steps, please email with the following information:

iOS version:
watchOS version: version:
Apple Watch 1, 2 or 3:
iOS device:
Course length of pool:
Are you running any other activity tracking apps on the Apple Watch while also running, such as Apple's Native Swim Tracker or a HR recording app?
Are you resting at the wall for any long duration (i.e. several minutes)?
Are you getting out of the pool and walking anywhere during the workout?
Did you receive any text, caller ID, or other notifications during the workout?
At what point in the workout did you notice the app had crashed (duration and distance)?
Are you completing kick board drills while not in drill mode?
Are you stopping frequently mid-length to adjust goggles or let another swimmer pass you?
Are you changing your stroke type at any point mid-length?
Is the crash happening while doing one of the four standard strokes or when you are doing any stroke, start, or turn drills?Are you disabling the Bluetooth connection between watch and phone prior to starting your workout?
What percentage of your workouts are experiencing crashes?

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