ANDROID: AndroidWear 2.0 Theater Mode

By Julie J. -

The app on Android Wear prior to version 2.0 used Theater Mode to not only lock the screen and prevent inputs that would accidentally end the workout, but also to maintain the flow of accelerometer data to the app. While initially developing our app, testing determined that false inputs created by the water touching the screen actually interrupted the accelerometer data that uses to recognize swimming, resulting in the algorithms failing. For these reasons, we require users with Android Wear 1.X versions to enter Theater Mode by double-pressing the hardware button on their watch before the swimming algorithms start.

In Android Wear 2.0, Google has removed the ability for users to enter Theater Mode using the hardware button, meaning they need to be out of the app to use it and can’t use the app while in Theater Mode, nor Theater Mode while in the app. More testing is still needed to determine whether Google has addressed the issues with water interacting with the screen disrupting the accelerometer data, though we have just recently gotten access to devices running Android Wear 2.0 so there’s still of work to be done.

In short, is currently not functioning for those users running AndroidWear 2.0 due to Google removing the ability to enter theater mode via the hardware button and we are currently working on trying to find a solution for this.

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