iOS/Android (v 2.0) - Workout Settings

By Julie J. -

Workout settings can be accessed by touching the blue "Settings" button on any individual workout. IMG_1925.PNG

In the settings menu, you have the ability to change the title, pool facility, and course length. Additionally, you can assign a workout prescription from's library of workouts to your data, toggle between making your workout private or public, or delete the workout.


  • To edit the title, simply touch the text and you can edit right on the screen.
  • Dates are not editable.
  • To change your pool facility, touch on the current pool. You will then be taken to a location-based map with several choices for pools. If location services are enabled, it should pull up the facilities nearest to you. If location services are not enabled, you can enter a location by tapping on the text showing the current setting. To view more facilities in that location, swipe up on the names of the locations.

  • To change course, select the current course to reveal the editor. Swipe up or down on the numerical value or unit value to change and then select OK.
  • To add a workout prescription to your data, touch select workout. You will be brought to a new screen where you can match up a workout from the library to your data.
  • The ability to toggle a workout to be public or private can be done right on screen.
  • New to version 2.x is the ability to delete workouts from the mobile app!
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